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Factory Automation

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Factory Automation

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The high-speed, low-inertia HF-JP 7kW and 9kW motors have just been released to the market. They support high-throughput, high-acceleration/deceleration positioning operation with a maximum speed of 5000 rpm (rated speed: 3000 rpm). Mitsubishi Electric can now provide the complete line-up of HF-JP motors from 500W up to 11kW with 400V power supply.

HF-JP servo motors employ an innovative design built around joint wrap core technology, giving improved motor efficiency and significantly reduced size. It produces a high density magnetic field which also makes the motors more energy efficient and allows them to deliver a higher peak torque of 300%. The end result is a range of low inertia motors that support high-throughput, high acceleration/ deceleration positioning operation with rated speeds of 3000rpm and maximum speeds of 6000rpm.

The motors are significantly smaller and lighter than previous generations. In addition, the performance characteristics mean it is no longer necessary to select a larger size motor to accommodate faster accelerations and speeds. So with the HF-JP series, engineers are able to standardise on far smaller motors than would have previously been possible for any given task.

The motors come equipped with built-in high-resolution absolute encoders for accurate positioning and to help deliver stable rotation even at low speeds. HF-JP motors can also be supplied fitted with brakes. Additional features include electrical connections sealed to IP67.

Typical applications for the HF-JP servo motors include printing machinery, packaging lines and semiconductor fabrication.


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